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Acceleration to develop neuropathic pain killer
Day : 2011-05-24

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- Designated as a government support task in public health, 2.3 billion won for 2 years

- Second clinical test for candidate (DWP05195) approved

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (President Lee Jong Wook) has announced that ‘DWP05195,’ a neuropathic pain killer, has been approved for asecond clinical test. This research was designated as a government support task in public health, with financial support of 2.3 billion won provided for 2 years. 

Daewoong Pharmaceutical is the first in the world in the progress to the second clinical test of a capsaicin receptor antagonist. The neuropathic pain caused by spinal injury, shingles, diabetes etc. has no remedy, so epilepsy medicine or antidepressants are frequently used instead. The clinical test shall be performed in 5 hospitals, including Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul Catholic Medical Center, Sinchon Severance Hospital, Korea University Guro Hospital and Inha University Hospital for 140 patients with shingles. 

Kim Ji Deok, senior researcher in New Medicine R&D with Daewoong Pharmaceutical, said "Although this has great potential worldwide, it requires high-level R&D. For this reason, only a few global companies can take part in the development. This second clinical test approval is important, as it shows we are equipped with the competitiveness of a global company." 

Currently, capsaicin receptor activation restriction is attracting attention, and this is what ‘DWP05195’ utilizes. Capsaicin creates the hot taste of pepper, which is known as the ‘gauge of pain,’ to deliver pain in the body. When the receptor of capsaicin is restricted by a drug, while normal sense is maintained, it shows that only the pain signal is cut off.

The current market size is 2.6 billion won, and is expected to increase to 7.6 billion won by 2017.

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