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Symposium on "Growth factor and skin" at world dermatology conference a success
Day : 2011-06-01

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- EGFoperation mechanism and cancer research result presentation

- EGF, excellent for healing injury, hair growth etc.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (President Lee Jong Wook) successfully held a symposium titled "Growth Factor and Skin" during the 22nd World Dermatology Conference in Seoul.

At the symposium on the 27th, COEX, Seoul, Professor Fiona Watt (Molecular genetics, Cambridge University, UK), Professor Lee Ju Hee, Professor Desmond Tobin of Bradford University, and Professor Choi Jin of Seoul Asan Hospital (Pathology) were in attendance to share research on EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor). This presentation attracted huge attention, with over 800 participants.    

Dr. Fiona Watt made a presentation on the operation mechanism of EGF, remarking that "stem cells are involved in skin reconstruction in every skin layer, and research has shown that stem cells generate epidermal growth and sebocyte. EGF plays an important role in the movement, increase and division of cells, and in particular, it creates synergy with the WNT operation mechanism when the reproduction and division process is carried out."

Professor Lee Ju Hee said "EGF is effective not only on injuries involving scars, but is also effective on wrinkles, striae distensae and pimples." Professor Choi Jin proved that EGF is not related to cancer, while Professor Tobin suggested that EGF will be used for various hair applications, including the prevention of hair loss.

EGF is an injury healing material that is naturally generated in the body. Dr. Stanley Cohen discovered it in 1962, and was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1986 for his discovery. Since then, it has been commercialized as a remedy for healing injuries and removing wrinkles.

Meanwhile, Daewoong Pharmaceutical has produced its new biomedicine ‘Easyej’ liquid, Easyef ointment, and Easydew moisturizing cream since 2001, and is currently in the clinical test stage to treat causes of radiation stomatitis. In the future, Daewoong Pharmaceutical will release various types of EGF products to prevent the side effects of anticancer treatments, as well as a hair restorer for women, ointment for decubitus ulcer and dressing for burns.

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