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License agreement of hemostatic for operation with 3D Matrix in Japan
Day : 2010-10-27

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- Own production in two years of sales, overseas export is available

- Higher performance in stopping the bleeding and reducing infection. Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (President Lee Jong Wook) is introducing Peptide hemostatic with no virus infection, a first in Korea. 

Daewoong Phamaceutical announced on the 19th that it has made a license agreement with 3D Matrix in Japan for hemostatic for operation: ‘TDM-621(Japanese name: Puramatrix).’
Under the agreement, as soon as the 3rd clinical test is completed in Japan, it will be sold in 2012 in Korea, with the appropriate licenses obtained. 

Own production after two years of sales is possible, enabling overseas market entry. 
According to the clinical test in Japan, TDM-621 has a better effect than current styptics and its onset time is more than twice as fast.
It is the first amino acid styptic with low inflammation or infection. 
As well, TDM-621 is convenient to use. Current products must bekept in a freezer or used by mixing multiple vials, but this is a prefilled syringe that is promptly used after cold storage. 
A spokesperson for Daewoong Pharmaceutical said, "TDM-621 is easy to cleanse after operation, prevents the leakage of blood, and can be used to treat an aneurysm of the aorta. We shall achieve a blockbuster level of over 18 billion won sales in 5 years throughmarketing synergy in the surgical area."
Meanwhile, the size of domestic hemostatic markets is about 40 billion won per year, and increases by about 20% every year. 

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