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Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., introduced MIV-210, global new medicine for Hepatitis B
Day : 2010-03-22

- Effective against multiple internal viruses and can replace pre-existing treatments
- Contract with huge markets in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has signed a contract for exclusive development and licensing with Swedish company Medivir AB Co. Daewoong pharmaceutical, with this contract, has gained a license for big markets for hepatitis B, such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and other Asian nations. MIV-210 has finished clinical test level 1, and plans to finish level 2 testing in Korea, and level 3 testing in multiple nations including China. Product plans to launch in 2015.


The new product MIV-210 inhibits HBV (Hepatitis B Virus), and has its greatest advantage in that it is potent against internal viruses. The pre-existing medicine had a problem with new viruses that were resistant to medication. However, MIV-210 plans to replace these medications by ridding of this problem. Plus, compared to the Baraclude Tab that is often used in the market, its effect exceeds it and resistance to medication is lowered.


The market for hepatitis B is two hundred billion Won, with an annual growth of 20 percent, is a potentially big market. Especially China, with its market of 1 trillion won and an annual growth of 30 percent, is an enormous one. MIV-210 plans to hit the big markets in Asia and will provide as a catalyst for Daewoong to grow into a worldwide corporation.

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