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Next generation pain killers ‘DWP05195’, obtained approval of multiple medication clinical trial plans
Day : 2010-02-10


- Daewoong, to complete the phase 1 study on the second half for the first time nationwide

- Launching in 2013, is in developing global new medication with excellent effective

Daewoong Pharmaceutical (CEO: Jong Wook Lee) acquired the approval of multiple medication tests from KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration), after completing the single medication phase 1 study about chronic intractable painkillers ‘DWP05195’ successfully.

Daewoong Pharmaceuticals will begin the phase 2 study after the completion of phase 1 study in the second half. So far, neuropathic painkillers are in development by some multinational corporations. It is for definite reason Daewoong Pharmaceutical would be the pioneer of the national industry when the study completes.

Daewoong Pharmaceuticals is in progress of the phase 1 study of DWP05195 at Seoul National University Hospital, and will execute the multiple medication tests next month based on achievement of the single medication test. DWP05195 was previously proved that it not only exceeds 10 times of the competitors but also the quadruple of safety.

Daewoong Pharmaceuticals will launch the DWP05195 in 2013. And it is expected to export its technologies to global pharmaceutical company. There is no specialty medication in the current market, as medicine on the market is developed for treatment of epilepsy or depression is below expectation of the treatment and is causing severe side effects on the central nervous system. DWP05195 is expected to replace existing medication as a global new drug.

Neuropathic pain is chronic intractable pain which is occurred by neurological disorder or injury caused by Diabetes mellitus and cancer. Especially, it comes along with severe pain so that it is difficult to obtain a normal life. There is no accurate data available of neuropathic pain patients nationwide, but USA has 2.6 million patients which is around 7% of the entire population. Now that worldwide Neuropathic pain killer market will increase up to 6 trillion KRW from 2.5 trillion KRW in current.

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