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Daewoong signed contract for sale of ‘Epliga’, an incrementally modified drug against epilepsy
Day : 2009-12-29

-Tighten its grip on domestic neurological drug market, launching 2012

Daewoong Pharmaceutical(CEO : Lee, Jong Wook) signed an exclusive agreement with Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(CEO : Jack A. Khattar) for the distribution of ‘Epliga’, a new controlled-release anticonvulsant drug, in Korea. Daewoong already succeeded in the sale of Gliatilin, a nootropic agent, and this contract will enable Daewoong to establish a solid foothold in the CNS market.
‘Epliga’, an incrementally modified drug of oxcarbazepine, has excellent tolerance with reduced adverse events such as CNS problems and severe skin rash. The active ingredient, oxcarbazepine, exerts antiepileptic action by inhibiting sodium channels and is a first-line treatment for partial seizure and generalized tonoclonic seizures. This product has been known to be safe as it is the only agent approved as monotherapy for children over 4 years of age among antiepileptic drugs.
Epliga has 3 different strengths including 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg, and it is more convenient to take with once-per-day dosing since the conventional anticonvulsants require patients to take them 2~3 times per day. It minimizes the side effects with lower maximum blood concentration than that of existing drugs. Also, as it has little interaction with the CYP450 enzymes, it has the advantage of being used for combination therapy as well as monotherapy with safety.
The global anticonvulsant market is USD 5 billion, and the domestic market is KRW 200 billion. Sales increased approximately 12% from last year. Epliga is in the phase 3 clinical trial in the USA, and will receive FDA approval in 2011. Daewoong will introduce Epliga into the market in 2012.
※ Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an American pharmaceutical company, was founded in 2005 and it has innovative formulation technologies for controlled-release CNS products.

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