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Daewoong to release Impactamin Power, a high-dose vitamin B complex
Day : 2009-07-01

- Beyond the recommended daily allowance, high content of Vitamin B in compliance with the optimal daily intake

Daewoong Pharmaceutical(CEO : Lee, Jong Wook) introduces a high-dose vitamin B complex after releasing the stomatitis treatment .
is a high-dose vitamin B complex adjusted to today’s workers’ ODI(optimal daily intakes). It contains 10 kinds of vitamin B such as vitamin B1, B2, B12, biotin, inositol, choline, etc.
enables users to feel fast and strong recovery from fatigue since it contains zinc which stimulates the metabolism of vitamin B group and an active vitamin, benfotiamine. Benfotiamine prevents lactic acid which causes fatigue from accumulating in the human body, and its absorption is 5 times faster, and the bioavailability is 4 times higher than the existing vitamin B1, fursultiamine.
Workers who have lots of stress and gold collar workers who need many ideas need more vitamin B group because of their rapid energy consumption due to brain activities and frequent fatigue from high tension. We can expect more advantages from taking a vitamin B complex than taking only one kind of vitamin B. 
Hong, Min A, a product manager of Daewoong, said, “In the past, people supplemented minimum nutrition to prevent nutrition deficiency. But, nowadays, the test-takers and the workers who are exposed to harmful environments such as stress, alcohol, and smoking, need 5~10 times more vitamins than the recommended daily allowance. supplies sufficient quantity of vitamins to keep the optimal health condition covering the loss of vitamins in our bodies.” 
is good for women and the elderly to take because it is easy to swallow due to its small size and it minimizes the unique smell of vitamin B with film-coating. 

* ODI (Optimal Daily Intakes)
; As RDA(Recommended Daily Allowance) is a minimum standard to prevent nutritional deficiency, it doesn’t supply enough vitamins to the workers who have lots of stress. Instead, many researchers use ODI which means the quantities of vitamins for optimal health condition when they decide how much vitamins are needed.

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