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Daewoong to launch Alpha URSA for women
Day : 2009-04-27

- Daewoong researched consumers’ need for 3 years for the first time in this area, and released beautiful Alpha URSA to meet specific targets

- UDCA, which eliminates body waste, is effective for fatigue recovery and keeping the skin pure and clean

- Appeal to women with its small, cute, orange capsules and compact packaging

Daewoong Pharmaceutical(CEO : Lee, Jong Wook) launched for women.

is a health care product that contains UDCA(urosodeoxycholic acid). UDCA, a bile acid secreted from liver, removes accumulated body waste rapidly and helps to recover from fatigue and keep skin clean and pure by preventing skin trouble caused by accumulated body waste.

also contains thiamin(vitamin B1) and riboflavin(vitamin B2), so it improves the liver function and relieves exhaustion, malaise, indigestion, and anorexia.

is the result of 3 years of consumer research and study. It is evaluated as the first drug in Korea which was produced based on consumer’s interest rather than on the drug’s function.

Because the existing version of URSA has a strong masculine image, attempts to change this image by offering a different package, capsule size, and color for its main target, female consumers.

Its small, oval, orange capsule and the portable compact packaging makes the female consumers feel more comfortable. An marketer said, “ has a strong masculine image although it is a good health care product that helps fatigue recovery and increases energy level regardless of the age or sex. As a result, we decided to develop for women’s health care. True beauty and health come from the inside of our body, so I hope that can contribute to the beauty and health of women. removes accumulated body waste fast and helps women to recover from fatigue and to keep the skin in good condition. Furthermore, it prevents cholelithiasis from dieting and relieves constipation.”

Daewoong plans extensive emotional marketing activities to have an immediate market impact for beautiful , a product based not on its function but on a three years study of consumer’s preferences for the first time in the domestic drug market.

, developed for customers and by customers, is expected to become a big sensation among our medicine market with convenience of portability and administration, cute design, and packaging appealing to women.

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